Jon Michell Fueter

Born in 1951 in Tanzania, son of Swiss missionaries, father of three beautiful daughters and now grandfather of two, Jon Michell puts his life experience at the service of Love, celebrating life through all its wonderful and transcending aspects through the sharing of ceremonies.

“The roots of this wedding ceremony are to be found within all the loving traditions of our world as well as from teachings gathered along my own path on the way to understanding the universal rules that govern the human heart.“

First visiting in 1969 and living since 1987 on the magic island of Ibiza, this multifaceted musician and recording artist has successfully officiated “natural or spiritual“ weddings for over 350 couples from all walks of life.

“The last 20 years have seen an incredible growth in the amount of couples seeking for an alternative yet deep and meaningful way to celebrate their Love. For me it is a privilege to be an instrument in the realization of that goal.“