Hello Jon-Mishell how are you and your family doing?

Alan and I would like to say big thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Its a shame we couldn't spend more time to get to know you better. I have to be honest your ceremony and your words touched us all a specially myself and Alan. When I look back on it now it was so beautiful and true so thank you so much again for making it so special for us.
We wishing you and your family the very best in the future I truly hope we can meet again.
With Love
Venera and Alan

Bonjour Jean Michel.
Je suis Christophe. Tu nous a marié avec Eliane, mon amie brésilienne l’an dernier à Ibiza !
Tu sais, ce fût vraiment le plus beau jour de notre vie. C’est un peu « stupide » de dire cela mais pourtant, c’est tellement vrai !!
Un vrai grand moment de bonheur – merci encore. Tu nous a marqué, à nous, mais aussi à l’ensemble de nos amis !
 Bien amicalement

Dear Jon Michell,

Well we are still floating on cloud nine after the incredible time we had in Ibiza.   We are now back in Melbourne but still revelling in the memories and carrying all the love and energy with us.

Thank you again so much for the most incredible ceremony, your words, your energy, your calmness, smile and support.   It was truly a wonderful, powerful, happy, inspiring and very memorable day that we and our friends and family will all share forever.

The musicians and the dancer were absolutely perfect and such beautiful people also.   Thank you again for organising this for us and please pass on our heartfelt and sincere thanks for their hard work and fantastic performances.   

We were wondering if it would be possible for you to send us a synopsis of the words you spoke and the meaning of the elements as you said them.   I am trying to remember everything and don't want the memories to fade.  If you have the time to send over some words so we can keep them to remind us of everything that was symbolised we would be very grateful.

With huge thanks and magical wishes,

Alicia and Jamie.

Hi Jon

Honestly it was just perfect. we would not have changed a thing.

A friend who was at the wedding asked for your contact details yesterday so you clearly made just the impression we thought you did. everyone still talks about it as one of the most moving ceremonies they have seen., even the irish catholic mother!
the whole experience has made the island mean even more to us, to the point that we are looking at moving over to try living their full time in the next couple of years. if i can figure out how to make money year-round!

oh and our new puppy is named Eivissa...

will forward a selection of pics for you

look forward to seeing you soon.

Mickey and Deborah

Dear Jon-Michel,

Words cannot express how grateful we are that you performed our ceremony yesterday. It was all we hoped for and far, far more. It engaged not only us and those of our guests used to "the Ibiza Way" (for want of a better phrase!) but all those new to it.

We so enjoyed ourselves and thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Many thanks,
Kate and Alex

Dear Jon, 

Thanks a lot for your message. 

We had a very relaxed and easy hangover brunch the next day- everybody was very happy and also impressed by our ceremony and the location.

It really has been a special day for us which we will never forget. When we are back home we will send you the first pictures and as soon as we have the one from Tamas, we will also send you some.

Kindest regards Angelika and Robert

Dear Jean Michell

…two days after our wedding the stress is settling a bit and we start to realize the small details and special moments of the days with our families & friends.

We would like to thank you. The philosophy that you have shared with us and our families and friends is so deeply true and real. Many many people with completely different backgrounds, ages, religions - from kids to (the German-speaking) grand parents, from photographers and gallerists to teachers, investment bankers and entrepreneurs - everyone was so excited and we still get messages in which guests mention this ceremony as the most special moment that they experienced over many years.

For us, this ceremony was surely the most emotional moment in our relationship but also the peak of our love story with Ibiza. As this story will hopefully continue for many many years, potentially with many children we would be pleased to stay in contact with you and see you in Sant Joan or wherever else on the island.

Best wishes from Na Xamena,
Jenny & Philipp


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