Welcoming Of A Child Ceremony

In this beautiful ceremony family and loved ones gather to celebrate and welcome the arrival of a new life among us.

Birthday Ceremony

With this ceremony we celebrate the unique qualities and gifts of a loved one on the day of his or her birthday.

Farewell Ceremony

Through this deep and heartfelt ceremony we celebrate the life of the departed and find closure in embracing the natural cycle of life and death.

Additional services

We can provide small decoration for a beach ceremony or full decoration for your event or party. Hundreds of colorful cushions - carpets - saris - flowers - statues lamps - low tables - chillout - oriental style - etc...

All kinds of entertainment. Dancers - jugglers - acrobats - firedancers - instrumentalists - music groups ( from rock to 70's from latino and flamenco to ethnic worldmusic - ambient - chill-out etc...) also DJ's You name it we'll try to find it for you.

Sound system for your party. 1500 watts amplification - speakers - mixing-desk - microphones etc..

Through our experience we can also help you locate reliable catering services, wedding planners, ceremony locations, accommodations, transport etc...